Project Life: Week One

It is official, I am hopeless with projects that require daily or weekly attention eg December Daily, remember how I shared my title page? Well that’s as far as I got. I started Project Life in 2012 and I did really well for the first six months and then I gave up. Last year I started again and lasted two weeks, thats right TWO weeks! Mind you I bought all the stuff there is, as if having 1500 journal cards would somehow encourage me to document my life. All I ended up doing was spending time trying to organise it all and that is not really worth documenting.

Last year when I interviewed Amy Tangerine for LPS (you can see this issue here) we spoke about project life and she told me that sometimes she skips weeks because she is so busy but she said that OK because you can look back at what you have done as a snapshot of what was going on then. As a single, childless scrapper sometimes there is not a lot to document but when I looked through my 2012 album I realised that they are snapshots of life and there were little things I had forgotten about, bits and pieces of ephemera saved and it was really, really great.
Week 1LHS

So with that in mind I am starting all over again. I documented week one, and I will be honest not a lot happened, so I wrote a lot. In fact when I finished I was quite surprised because journalling is not really one of my strengths. Some of it is thoughts about what I want from the year, there’s a quote I read on pinterest, I shared some currents, talked about my word for the year and just bits and pieces. Week 1RHS
So there it is, my week one spread. Nothing really earth shatteringly amazing happened but if I look back at this in ten years or even a year it will show what was going on with me. Will I stick with it? I can’t say… maybe…hopefully but even if I don’t it’s OK because scrapping should be fun and if you have to force yourself to do something then that makes it a chore rather than a joy.

Have a great weekend,

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